Michelle Guest &  Lee-Anne Morrow

Michelle Guest

Registered Social Worker

Michelle Guest is a caring and compassionate Registered Social Worker dedicated to supporting those experiencing worry, sadness, loneliness, tearfulness, sleeplessness, fear, irritability or a feeling of being “stuck”. She leads with authenticity, taking a client-centered, approach to her work. She understands the importance of meeting her clients where they are, and considers it an honour and privilege to be the supporting professional in the journey her clients find themselves on.

Michelle achieved a BA in Social Science in Social Work at McMaster University.  She is trained and has extensive experience in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness self-compassion, and Congnitive Processing Therapy.


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Lee-Anne Morrow


Lee-Anne Morrow is a passionate and empathic mental health professional who specializes in assisting those who may be suffering as a result of overwhelming life challneges, excessive worry or fear.  Her extensive knowledge and experience allows her to provide effective treatment and support for clients experiencing anxiety, and/or depression, a reliance on substances, parental mood changes, and diffuclt relationships, amon other issues.  She believes strongly that we are all equally worthy of feeling well and of living a joyful life.

In addition to her work as a nurse, Lee-Anne is trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and has a true love for Compassion-Focused Therapy. Throughout more than 10 years in mental health, Lee-Anne has successfully supported individuals experiencing acute mental health concerns, trauma and mood disorders by striving to build a close connection and personal rapport.


Office Hours: By Appt

For more information about Michelle and Lee-Anne's services, and to schedule an appointment, please visit their website at: calmmindco.ca
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